How to stand firm in hard time?

It is easy to stand firm during the normal days of your life on any issue. Normally no any kind of pressure pushes you downward. Possibly many are your friends and a few may be foes. You don’t have to think more if you want to do something in a congenial environment. You take everything as routine and think it as part of the life. But your test starts when you face any adversity. It may be anywhere. At your home some of your family members oppose you over an issue; sometimes you have to face opposition of your colleagues at the workplace and some other time in your social life you feel yourself amid odds. In all such situations to stand firm is really damned difficult for a person of ordinary nerves.

At workplace

At your workplace sometimes everything goes against you. You do a work with lot of devotion but your boss notices a little mistake in it and instead of praise you receive his scold in return. You start a project and at its very beginning it faces a hurdle and you are blamed for this. In such situation you should:

  • Control your pro-activism for awhile
  • Observe is there any conspiracy going on against you
  • Locate where from you have to face main problem
  • Mingle less with your colleague till you pass your hard time
  • Don’t be disheartened and take it as a matter of chance

If you control your habit of playing pro-active role unless things are settled and your hard time is over, you would come out from it earlier. In this way you can easily stand firm in hard time and pass it bravely.

At home

It happens at home that you try to take a stance for the welfare of the family but your spouse or kids take it otherwise. You need not to change your stance promptly if you are confident enough over it. You just need to make them understand how beneficial your stance is for the family. If they understand it is fine, otherwise don’t change completely what you want. Just modify it and make them accept it as a second option. In this way you can stand firm on your stance despite opposition from a few family members.

In social life

If you are a member of a group or club you may face adversity there. It may be because of jealousy by your colleagues or because of some misunderstanding. Whatever is the reason but you have to make your viewpoint clear before them. First try to asses why you have to face opposition for nothing. If it is because of the misunderstanding then try to remove it. Don’t shut the doors of communication over trivial issues. If you succeed to settle the issue with your friends it means you have the ability to stand firm in an adverse environment. You just need to realize the crux of the issue to resolve it in an amicable manner.

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