How to never lose motivation in your work?

Motivation is lifeblood of excellence. Working without it means you are singing without music. You can’t impress anyone with your work if you lack motivation in it. Nor you can continue doing a work if you don’t have interest in it. Not only that but you can’t shine in your field if you are not interested in it. Work with mind and work with heart has huge difference. You have to sell the former while latter is sold by hot cakes without your much effort. To spend a life like a winner you must have motivation in your work.

Do it or don’t do it

There are two types of workers in this world in every field. One type is of those workers who work to enjoy. It means they work to earn money and then they enjoy their life with their money. Second type of workers enjoy to work. Their main source of enjoyment is their profession either it is a job or a business. They wait to go back to their workplace. They get excited to join their office after vacation. They move fast on upstairs of their office to reach to their seat and start working. If you are from second type of worker you must continue your job or business. If you are not, you must think about a wise switch over that brings more success and enjoyment for you. So the best option to never lose motivation in your work is to do a work you enjoy a lot. This is the best solution of the motivation problem.

Explore the interest

If by chance or by luck you entered in a field you don’t have much interest. In this case you have the three options.

  • Switch over
  • Continue without interest
  • Develop interest with efforts

It is not difficult to develop interest in your work. You must not have a magic wand that arouses your interest in your work. It is not possible you entirely hate your job or business. The only thing is you are giving much importance to those aspects of your job which you hate or dislike the most. Forget about them and first find the aspects which if you don’t like most but you may not dislike them very much. So adjust yourself in them. Then slowly develop interest in them.

Retain the interest first

Wherever you feel any interest in your boring job first retain it. Never think that it is the modicum of interest and will not stay you in your job. Just grab it and make it the base of your decision to stay in your present job.

Enhance the interest level

Correlate your work or profession with your everyday life. Find examples from your daily life and refer them in your work. If you don’t like to meet your colleague after office, search the one that is the best of the worst. Become familiar with him and he will tell you several other positive points of your other colleagues you never knew before. So continue communication with those you don’t like them. In this way baseless boredom will end by and by and you will be taking interest in your work. This is the most practical approach to never lose motivation in your work.

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