How to make permalink of your post?

Permalink means extended URL of domain address of your post. It is usually like this: In control panel of your niche website or blog there is an option to set your permalink as you want it. In WordPress control panel there are five options to set it as you want.

  1. Default
  2. Date and Name
  3. Month and Name
  4. Numeric
  5. Custom structure


Under default setting the permalink of your post would be in numbers and alphabets as set by you initially to reflect your post. It is usually in that way:

Date and Name

If you click this option the extended URL of your post would appear as:

Month and Name

Under this provision of setting the permalink of your post you would get the extended URL of your post as:


Under this option you would get a number for you each post and it will appear as

Custom structure

In this option you can set the permalink of your each post as you want. However, it is not advisable to set it for your each post separately. Therefore, you have to give guideline for all your post once. Usually the name of post is set as custom structure of your post. It appears as:

Which one is the best option?

This is the most important question. From SEO point of view an ideal permalink must have:

  • Keyword of your post
  • No ambiguous signs like this ~
  • Not be so lengthy

Therefore, it should contain the name of your post which must have the main keyword of your content. For example the permalink of the post which you are reading right now is:

How to customize

You need not to set permalink of each of your post by writing the name of your post after the domain name in setting option. You can do it once under the option of custom structure and write there /%postname5/. After this, permalink of your each post will show the name of each post.


An ideally optimized post must have the same keyword in its;

  • Post title
  • Permalink
  • Meta description
  • First paragraph

This is universally accepted SEO practice that you must adopt if you want your post to be noted by the search engines.

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