How to make a film

How to make a film is a question mostly asked by young creative breed who having mesmerized by any blog buster at least once think about this question in their adulthood. Though a few of them think about it seriously but every young cine-goer once fantasies to become a director or hero of a film. Eventually only those enter in the filed who have unwavering passion to entertain people through the world of cinema.

How to make a film is not vehemently asked in our times as this question used to be raised in older times. Gone are the days when filmmaking was not everyone’s cup of tea. In this age of user-friendly technology anyone can make a film if one has idea and skills to implement upon idea. Now one has to be clear enough over the point what one has to show through a video; is it a sort of entertainment stuff or a serious message to disseminate to viewers. Hence it depends upon the nature of the film and its subject that how does one want to communicate it to audience through big screen of cinema.

How to make a film on a research-based subject is a question pertaining to documentary film. Here one has to develop an idea and then expand it into a script and then make a shoot plan according to the requirement of the script. If it is mentioned in script to refer the example of Eiffel Tower then either one has to take a stock short of it or to go its original location and shoot it if library shots are not sufficient enough to serve the purpose. In our age of cyber media shots of famous places can easily be bough through online video suppliers. After shooting the whole documentary film commentary is dubbed over it to describe the subject of the film with pictorial display of main points simultaneously.

How to make a film on a lighter subject with blend of fun and entertainment is a little bit difficult question but in this age of technological advancement it is also no more a dam difficult. One just needs a team of a few committed people and can make a feature film though not of the quality of professional film but could be more or less like that. Here too one just has to work upon idea and then expand it into a story that is called screen play describing every detail of the each shot. Then casting for the film is made and a few technical persons like cinematographer, sound engineer, set designer, video editor etc are hired. If the project is small enough then two or three persons can do most of the work with user manual or with guidance through internet. There are lot of sites which teach how to make a film through online videos.

Hence the answer of the question “how to make a film” can not be summed up in an article of a few hundred words but key tips could be given to refer the topic from various sites which teach the filmmaking step by step and it is more better to do a short course to learn this art of making dreams come true.

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