How to increase interest level in a boring job?

make your job interestingWe hate boredom and always go for interesting things. We don’t like anything in which we don’t have any interest. That is why whatever we like we have simply one prompt reaction for it in simply one word; “interesting”. It means whatever we do we must do it with our heart and for that we must have deep liking for that. Some people are very rich, some are moderately rich, some are hand-to-mouth and even some are poor in this world. Why? Does it mean nature does injustice with people? Never at all! This is the level of our involvement in our work that makes us successful or not. So you must pick a job you like most. If luckily you got a job you don’t like it, the only way is you must increase interest level in it. But before doing that you must see:

  • Is the boring job has long-term growth chances for me
  • Is the boredom lies in job not very much sticky or persistent
  • Can I increase interest level in it
  • Is the boring job a high-pay job
  • Can I fulfill all my economic and social needs through this job

If the reply of the entire above questions is positive it means you have to explore the ways and means to increase interest level in it. For this you have to get the answer of the following questions;

  • Is this job against my nature?
  • Does this job hurt my feelings?
  • Do I don’t get job satisfaction from it?
  • Am I afraid to be known because of this job?

If the answer of the above questions is also affirmative it means you have to make much effort to increase interest level in it. There are five steps to convert a boring job quite interesting for you.

  • Point out where do you get bore in your job
  • Find out the reasons of your boredom in your job
  • Explore the space in your job where you have a little interest
  • Attach things of your interest with your boring job
  • Link your any hobby with your job

If you succeed to take the above steps successfully it means you are now standing on a launch pad to increase interest level in the job you don’t like most. You will not do all this in a few days. You have to give proper time to each step. Not only this, but you have to be quite clear about one reality in life. That is; NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IN THIS WORLD.


It is indeed a candid reality that you should not do a job in which you don’t have any interest. But in this age of recession and global slowdown finding a job is not an easy task. To continue your job is also equally difficult. So in this situation you should not do adventurism to search a job of your interest. If your present job gives you huge salary and a lot of growth chances then try to make it a job of your choice. For this you have to follow the above guidelines by and by without making any haste. Good luck.

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