How to get job promotion without doing extra work?

Who doesn’t want job promotion? Obviously all working persons do. But not all of them make efforts for this because they know they have to do more work to achieve this goal. They need to perform so well to be noted by bosses and then they may be promoted to next level. It is also likely that because of stiff competition only a few of them get job promotion and rests are advised to wait for the next time. It means even if you perform well but you are not certainly raised to the next level because of lesser number of higher posts. In this situation what you need to do. Very simple, you just do the work which you are doing without engaging yourself in extra work. You just need to polish your work to be noted by your top management.

Keep updating yourself

In your field you must have the latest knowledge and development as soon as it occurs. Not only that information which you need in your job but also as much as can you acquire to prove your edge over your colleagues. For this purpose you must be in touch with all those sources where from you can be updated without pay something or doing any extra work. There are hundreds of websites and blogs related to all the main fields where you can get your required latest info easily.

Use your latest knowledge

In your every assignment you must tactfully use the knowledge and information you acquire with your personal efforts related to your field. Polish your performance with the latest info you have and also express their worth in your assignment. Remember no boss gets annoyed if you perform extra just to give best results. So aim at best results and polish your work as brighter as possible.

Describe targets

Your every work must describe its targets to show what benefits your organization will get by your work. If you work on project basis make a comparative analysis of your organization before the start of your project and after its completion. Vividly point out the difference which you made with your work. If possible point out this difference in quantified term.

Remain a step ahead

You should not take break between two assignments. Just after completion of one, put the proposal of the second one. This will show your passion and your bosses will come to know how much you enjoy your work. Management never needs machines; it needs manpower with real passion for their work. So prove your passion for your job with the ample evidence of your performance, its quality and its fast pace.

Keep record

Keep complete record of your performance in your PC as well. Never solely rely on HR people they may narrate your work in a way that does not shine as much as it deserves to be. You can highlight your big achievements if you have record of your entire performance. So keep it with you safely in your computer for future reference to get a job promotion whenever such opportunity arises.

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