How to find your favorite job in 2013?

tips to get your favorite job in 2013So you want to get a job in 2013 that you like the most. To achieve your objective you might have taken much effort but you have yet to succeed. Don’t worry you will win if you take the right direction. You need not to put your day and night for this purpose. You just need to make quality efforts with your focus on your ultimate aim.

What is your favorite job in 2013?

You must have decided what is your favorite job in 2013. For this purpose the following points are a good guide to take right direction first and then achieve your objective.

  • In which industry or field you want to do job
  • How much salary you want to get?
  • Which fringe benefits you must want?
  • How fast career growth you want?

In the light of above points you should develop a minimum package you want to get through your favorite job in 2013.

Balance sheet of your skills

After developing an ideal package in view of the above points now you have to assess do you have all that stuff which can make you get your favorite job in 2013. For this purpose you need to evaluate:

  • Strengths of your educational background
  • Soundness of your professional experience
  • Features of your personality
  • Other traits that can help you achieve your favorite job in 2013

Dig opportunities

You don’t have to wait for the job openings. Companies offer routine jobs through job boards. For a job that has all-time value they hire the person if they believe in him. So you have to introduce yourself in all such companies where you can get your favorite job in 2013. For this purpose make a list of the companies that have no any exact season of hiring and firing. You don’t have to confirm whether any vacancy is there or not. Regardless of any vacancy you just have to send your CV directly addressing the human resource manager with complete description of your every eligibility for the post you want in that company.

Keep in touch

Mostly companies don’t decline the job application which they receive in off-recruitment period. So you have to make its decent follow up. It means without irritating the HR staff of the company you have to ask them what they are doing with your job application. If they refuse even then don’t be disconnected and request them to call you as soon as they have any vacancy. It is observed if a company wants to fill a vacancy and it has some impressive CVs for this post it does not bother to release job advertisement and simply call the bearers of CVs and select the best one amongst them.

Prove yourself

If you get an interview call from any company now the real test starts. You have to first justify that:

  • Why did you apply in a company that did not invite job applications?
  • Why does that company offer you the job you want in it?

The second question is the most crucial question. If you fail to convince your interviewer why he hires you it means you should forget about your favorite job in 2013 and remain contented on one which you are doing right now. Otherwise your success to achieve your objective will give you a robust start in your career and then sky would be the limit for moving up.

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