How to face workplace politics?

Workplace politics are individual agendas that one applies at work to gain obvious advantages over co-workers. This is both officially, and morally wrong as the people who practice workplace or organizational politics misuse the power allotted to them from the employer for many reasons which some way or the other, benefit and feed them and their huge ego. What these people don’t know, is that they gain advantages using a technique that is wrong and that what they gain, is at the cost of the organization and the workers in it. Sometimes, as little as a workplace political war between two managers can destroy a whole well-established business. Workers need to be ready to face workplace politics and here are some ways by which they can not only face organizational politics, but can prevail against it:

  • Be aware of more- act on less- This is an elegant way to face workplace politics and be prepared for it. What a worker needs to do is simply be aware of their environment and surroundings and spy a little. He should not also blurt out all the information that he has about an upcoming political war and should keep all this information to himself as spilling the beans in this case can cause serious grievances later on.
  • Deal with every matter professionally- Another great way to tackle organizational politics is to be professional in every regard that relates to the working environment of a person. In this case, a worker should act through his brain and certainly not his heart As what is needed here is professionalism and cunning, not emotion.
  • Attempt your job at your very best- No matter what happens around you, you should secretly plan for all the upcoming storm and you should explicitly not let all of that get into your brain and mess things up consequently leading to you not attempting your job properly. This could lead in grave consequences so you should always keep you head up and always go for gold-or in this case, your job.
  • Treat co-workers as co-workers-only at the office- Always remember, a co-worker is a co-worker only until the two of you are in the boundaries of your workplace. After you to have gotten out, he is nothing more than a random person you happen to know. And always remember- politics outside the workplace is not counted as organizational politics; and also remember- you do not know the other guy. To save yourself, you occasionally need to cheat a bit.

These were not all but some easy ways to face workplace politics and defend yourself against them. You should never let your guard down as every environment is a battle environment especially an educational or working environment. Whatever you do inside the workplace counts as an act in the workplace but whatever you outside the work place is counted as an act outside the workplace. Always remember: “all is fair in love and war” and workplace politics is surely a war.

Have you ever been a victim of workplace politics? What happened with you? Do you have any more suggestions on ways to face workplace politics?

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