How to double your learning power just in one week?

Everybody complains of his slow learning skills. I can’t pick immediately; I forget whatever learnt; I get tired if I have to learn something; I don’t have passion for learning; I fail to understand properly; why I am not sharp; all these sentence you must have heard around you. Maybe some of them you might have said to your friends or colleagues. It means each one of us is worried about his weak learning power.

But I am sure after reading this article you would be able to double your learning power just in one week. I bet you just have to apply these tips with their true spirit. It is you who can do that. No one come from the skies to double your learning power. So make up your mind and get involved in it. I am sure you can do it. So let’s start.

You can do if you want

This is the gist of this article. If you don’t want to double your learning power then forget about this. Yes you are right; you are reading this article because you want to do it. It shows your will to increase your learning skills. But ask yourself these three questions to know are you serious to do it or it’s just your desire.

  • Do I keep on trying to improve my learning abilities all the times?
  • Did I not improve my skills even slightly to learn fast?
  • Did I ever take serious efforts to learn quickly?

If all your answers are in negative it means you just desire to double your learning power. Make it sure just desiring is not enough to make you achieve something. For this you have to deserve it. To deserve means to make yourself fit for the objective you want to achieve.

Who breaks your concentration?

Lack of concentration is the main hurdle in your learning process. If an overt or covert hurdle is disturbing you then you cannot concentrate fully over the subject or lecture you want to learn. For this first you have to overcome all the disturbing factors before you go to learn. There is a simple way to overcome your disturbances either these are internal or external. Internal means something that diverts your thoughts within your mind and external means that breaks your concentration externally like some noise or a person that is special for you or any other factor.

Just defer the disturbance from your mind, again defer not reject it. I mean just think that I will not think about any of my problem for the time being when I am learning something and just after that I would again start thinking about it. Similarly if a person or his existence disturbs you, make the same commitment for the time you are learning and you would see its positive results immediately. Remember this you will not be able to do in just one attempt. For this you have to keep on trying until you take control over it.

Without interest you can never learn

You can never double your learning power if you don’t have interest in the subject or skills that you want to learn. So first be definite about this fact. Even if you have less interest then search a field you like the most and then try to become its pro. Else you will keep on trying to learn a subject of not your choice and will always be complaining of your weak learning power.

If you follow the above tips in their true spirit you will easily double your learning power in one week. After that you just have to retain it to ultimately become a successful person in this world.

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