How to develop your own success formula?

Are you still thinking which success formula you should adopt to follow it? I think you are double-minded to pick the one. You may be not confirmed which one is the best. People might be enthusiastically advising you for dos and dons to be successful in your struggle. Your endeavor may be to get admission in a higher institute, to get a job of your choice or to start a business that pays you back hugely and early.

Common types of success formula

Broadly speaking there are two types of success formula. One stresses upon an excellent mix of hard work and your intelligence to achieve your goal while the other one also talk about luck factor. The latter usually equally believes in luck and says if a success is not in your luck you can never achieve it. It’s a lengthy debate and not the topic of this post.

Which one you should adopt? This is the main question. If you are religious and believe in divine affairs you should go for the second one. If your belief is in this world only and you are confident enough to turn every opportunity towards you with your hard work you should opt for the first one.

But why

Is it must to adopt a success formula if you really want to be successful. Just cast a look over the bio of the people who are icons in their fields. Did they also first pick the one and then achieved their goals. Absolutely not, almost all of them just placed a goal before them and achieve it. They made it by putting their whole life to achieve their goal. It means their course of action itself became an excellent recipe to achieve success.

So the lesson from the lives of most successful people we draw is only one. Set your goal and achieve it. These are two main steps in your life while rests of the things just support them. You may have several options to decide how to achieve your goal but the most important thing is why to achieve your goal. If you are clear in this point then the course of action can be any. It will lead you towards your goal if you have no choice in life. So never put several choices just pick the one and take it as last and final.

So what is your success formula?

I can do this. Yes this is your secret of success. Whatever mission you have you must have firm belief of achieving it. Either you do it with a well planned strategy or just jump into the struggle and then after so much failure move to the right track. It is not important. The main thing is you just stick to your goal and never give up unless you achieve it.

So do you still believe you should adopt a proper course of action to do something great in this world? If so, even then you can be a successful person. But those who don’t think about results and just put their life to achieve something they can never fail in their struggle. I bet.

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