How to communicate in noisy business environment?

To communicate in noisy business environment does not mean just to talk to anyone under the sounds of operating machines or briefing the clients on product features standing behind the front desk of the office. It has so vast meaning. Here both communication and noise have broad scope. We already know what is business environment but just for the sake of recall let’s again discuss it first.

Whatever related to business; static or moving, tangible or intangible, physical or conceptual is collectively called business environment. It includes businesses, buildings, markets, clients, producers, manufacturers, rates, sentiments, mood, trends, supply, demand, transactions, deals etc.

Communicate means to convey your message to the receiver. You can communicate or convey your message directly standing before the receiver of the message, through telephone, email, voice mail, sms, mms, skype, letter post, telegram etc. However, business communication has a little technical meaning. It not only means to convey your message but also to affect response from your message. We would discuss it further in latter paragraphs.

The last point of our topic is noisy. It does not mean lot of sounds. If we face any kind of disturbance while communicating with somebody it is called noise. If our internet connection is creating problem we can say it is noisy. So whatever factor which retards the smooth communication is called noise.

Now we are very much clear on all the terms included in the topic of our post. We can easily understand how to communicate in noisy business environment. We don’t have to use any special gadget to do so nor have we to adopt a specific method. Just some tips are enough to make our business communication clear and comprehendible in a noisy business environment.

Technical nature of noise

First of all examine the type of disturbance we are facing to communicate to our client, boss, competitor or regulator. If it is of technical nature we can remove it through troubleshooting. After that it won’t be an issue to talk to anybody.

Strategic noise

This is the most important disturbance in business communication. If we want to communicate to our regulator a specific point to defend our case and it does not understand it intentionally or unintentionally this is called the strategic noise. To address this issue, we have to change the channel of the communication to convey our message to our regulator. If our email is not reaching to it we can directly talk to it through skype if its office is far away from us.

So these are the two main hurdles which we have to remove first to communicate in noisy business environment. Do you have some other tips to overcome any hurdle for the effective business communication? Please share your views in your comments below.

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