How to be passionate in your profession?

What is the oft-repeated excuse of mediocre professionals of every field? They all contend that they were not actually made for the profession they are working in right now. They enumerate several reasons of the mismatch of their tendency and present profession. Some of them put the blame on elders, some hold themselves responsible and some others point finger at the fast changing trends in the professional world. But all must have a reason. So let’s analyze this reason and find is it a right reason or simply a lame excuse. In this way we would get the answer of our question; how to be passionate in your profession.

Isn’t it a smart escape?

Most of the people declare that they were not made for the profession they are presently practicing. They refer their several other interests whom with they are in touch but are equally mediocre in them like their main profession. They
hold the time factor responsible of their being below average in their work and interest both. If you are also a mediocre professional just ask one question to yourself. The question is; what the main reason is of may lack of interest in my profession. Is this reason among one of the following:

  • Do I see no big success in my present profession that is why I am not feeling passion for it?
  • Is there any psychological problem of mine that is taking me away from my work?
  • Do I have a firm belief that in another profession I would be touching the sky?

If you have exact answer of any of the above questions it means you are not really misfit in your profession. But certain hurdles are not letting you to be involved in your work. So the need is to remove that hurdle and resolve the above problem and then get engage yourself in your job or profession.

Isn’t it a lollypop?

Lazy people always have a lollypop to justify their laziness. It is possible that you don’t want to work actively in your present profession or you feel that owing to huge competition in your field there is no way to excel except putting your day and night for going ahead. If this is your mindset it means you don’t lack passion but lack the activeness to prove yourself a gem of your field. For this you have to pick hard work to excel or to just giving lame excuses all the time and remain an average person in your field.

Isn’t it a blame game?

It is the nature of man that he does not want to admit his fault. He always point fingers on others. Especially when someone is failing, his smart move is to pass the buck of his failure to someone else. Someone may be a person, a group of person or entire society. He also puts blame on a trend or a ground reality just to hide his low courage to take risk and put his whole life to shine in his profession. Here again the main reason of his faltering is his own lack of courage.

The above points can teach you how to be passionate in your profession if you analyze them without any ifs and buts by searching flat answer of the each question noted above.

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