How to be noted on social media?

tips to be noted on social mediaWhy do you be registered at various social media? You must have a purpose which you want to serve there. First you select the social media where you can better achieve your goal. After that you try to become famous. For this you interact with others. You share your joys and sorrows to develop intimacy with them. You react over their shared things. In this way you get closer with them and then come to your business objective to achieve there. For this purpose first you have to be noted on social media.

Usually people get registered at social for two clear and poles-apart purposes.

  • To make a circle of friends and spend good time with them
  • To promote product and/or service

There is no any other purpose apart from the two above. Latter is called non-business and the former is business purpose of your registration at social media. But you cannot achieve your either of the objectives if people do not feel your presence there.

Don’t make haste

To make new friends, contacts or followings don’t make haste. Be choosy and first review the profile of the person who you want to add in your friends list. If that person has at least a few common interests and activities that you have move ahead and befriend him or her. Otherwise a person with irrelevant interest will never help you achieve your main objective of your registration at social media.

First win the trust

How to make social media people realize your presence? This is the main task you have to accomplish before putting your primary goal to achieve there. For this purpose you must:

  • Not have a ghost account but all your actual personal details with valid numbers, latest photographs and your latest affiliations must be mentioned there.
  • Either you get registered at social media for business or non-business purpose but your presence must be purely personal with photos of you, your friends, family, your tour and party photos to reflect a sense of informality in your account.

In this way you will earn the trust of the people at social media and they will not hesitate to come closer to you. They will react over your status update, they will send you message and every interactive activity they can do, obviously they will do there with you.

Become closer

It is not enough to once upload lot of your personal details at your profile page to get noted on social media. You need to make your presence feel again and again. But not as much frequently that it becomes irritating for others. Just share with them your opinion on an issue, thoughts, experience etc whenever you have anything worth-sharing. Similarly never be late to comment and like on status of others. Also it is not enough to be responsive collectively for all that means whatever you see on page or account at the social media you just click the like or +1 button or give a few-sentence comment and that’s all. Instead, you should make your habit to send a private message to one of your friends at least once in three days and get familiar with that person.

Come to the point

After developing intimacy with your friends on social media then you can come to the point and achieve your non-business or business objective. It will not take quite long time. It’s a matter of one month after that you can start achieving your primary goal and enjoy the fascinating world of social media.

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