How to Make Other Students In the Group Respect You

Do you ever wonder why other student leaders gain their members’ respect easily and how they were able to make them follow? And here you are struggling to even make other students in the group listen to you.

Respect begets respect. You earn respect by treating other with the same. Whether you are the leader in charge of a team or just one of the members of the group, earning your members respect takes some effort. Here are some tips to help you earn your group members’ respect.

Consistency is key

If you want people to see you are worthy of their respect, you must be consistent with your actions. You must do whatever you say you are going to, all the time. You must walk the talk. People will pay attention to what you say until you give them a valid reason not to.

Learn how to communicate and be responsive

Modern technology allows us to have several channels and means to communicate. There are social media, instant messages, the good old email, and a simple phone call. Students, in particular, are aware of this. If you want to earn your members’ respect, communicate and be responsive. If you need to work on a project but meeting and working in person is not doable at the moment, online conversation is the answer.

Join the group chat and actively participate. Voice your suggestions and opinions on how to work more effectively on the project. Ask questions and answer theirs if you know the answer. Always appear approachable and communication worthy.

Accept your mistakes and be open to your group members’ ideas

Accept the fact that all people make mistakes. No one is right 100% of the time. If you are working as a group and your ideas are wrong, accept it and be open to hearing the ideas of your group members. If you want a healthy and more productive relationship with your group mates, accept when you are wrong, respect someone who is wrong, and work towards finding a better solution to your problem as a group.

Know when to stand your ground

If you happen to be assigned as the group leader, know when to stand your ground. Good leaders know how to help his or her members succeed by working together to overcome weaknesses. But you will lose respect quickly if you allow habitual failures and irresponsible behaviors ruin a project.

Know when to support weak members but also know when to cut people loose when they hamper the result at the expense of the whole group’s success by being irresponsible.

If you are the team leader, do not assume like you are entitled to respect. You have to give it to earn it back. If you are one of the members and your group mates are actually your friends, do not let familiarity affect your relationship as a group, and think that you are free to be irresponsible because they will understand and accept you.

Whether you are in charge of the team or simply a contributing member of the group, your ability to earn the respect of your members will ultimately impact your group’s success.

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