Have a baby or a niche website

Have a baby or a niche website

Obviously both of them have nothing in common. One is a living being other one is simply a website. Howsoever lively you can make your niche website but you can’t make it a living being. One makes you happy and the other one – the website – makes you toil hard first then get it grow and earn through it. You baby grows by itself naturally but to grow your website you have to push it. Then why I am comparing the both?

Both need your care

Yap the love, care and affection you give to them is more or less same. Both need same level of care. Both become happy if you love them. Your baby smiles when you love it. Your website shines when you take care of it. Here love doesn’t mean just keeping loving feelings in heart. But you have to prove it with your action. So both your baby and your niche website need your love. Why I am specifying niche website because you have to give it more care than a normal authority or static website. Ok we would discuss about these two types of websites in our later posts.

You have to look after them regularly

Second most important thing in common between a baby and a niche website is their regular look-after. If you don’t look after your baby carefully it may get sick. If you don’t care your niche website regularly it means it lags behind its competitor. If you don’t post over it on a regular basis, the search engines would not like it. It is just like if you don’t keep your baby tidy people would not love it.

Both need investment

The third common factor between a baby and a niche website is you have to invest in them. You provide food, shelter and clothes to your baby. You buy a domain name, hosting and post lot of contents over your niche website. So it grows and gives you money in return. Your baby also after growing young does a job and gives you money.

You can’t neglect them

Fourth and the most important commonality between them is that if you neglect them they would react. If you don’t give your baby proper care and affection, it weeps, it gets angry and sometimes quite problematic. Similar is the case with your niche website. If you neglect it what would happen. It will go down in Google page rank. Nobody would visit it. Your income from it would take a steep decline and ultimately it would become a burden on you.

But the purpose of this post is not to convince you to keep any one of them. You can keep several kids if you afford and simultaneously many niche websites at a time if you can maintain them. So the main test is to keep and maintain them properly without any neglect.

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