Group Leadership

group leadershipUS Congress Committee is the typical example of group leadership where instead of an individual like US Secretary of State, a group of foreign relation experts oversees the foreign affairs of America and gives advice and suggestions on how to manage the foreign relations upholding the national interests with no compromise over the country’s sovereignty and integrity.

Group leadership in the world

As a matter of fact every country applies the style of group leadership in its day to day affairs. It is ideal to manage the sectors of purely technical nature like economics, foreign affairs, science and technology, internal affairs etc.

Under group leadership, instead of one, a group of leaders is required to lead the nation towards national goals. Series of committees and panels are formed in every country at national and provincial level to lead various subjects for the betterment of people.

Group leadership in business

In business and other organizations too group leadership is preferred over the individual one. In this way multiple purposes are served through one action. Assigning the task of leading people to more than one persons means a good mix of different qualities is combined together for the bet possible results. All leaders with their areas of specialty collectively apply their best qualities to take the organization to the height of success. Board of Directors of a business concern is the typical example of such type of leadership.

Benefits of group leadership

Group leadership is also preferred over the reason that when more than one persons act as leader. They apart from playing their assigned role also interact with each other and learn from the experiences of each other. If a group of leaders comprises of young, middle aged and old persons then the mix of enthusiasm of youngsters and experience of older ones can produce best possible results. Also the younger leaders have ample opportunities to learn from their seniors in a group.

Group leadership in communities

Group leadership also works so well in communities. At the grassroots level one person does not have such charismatic qualities to lead a community so effectively. Therefore, a group of leaders is engaged to guide and lead the local folks towards a cause for their collective welfare. Under health awareness program several persons are recruited to train the communities on health precautions. This is an ideal example of group leadership because all of them have to influence the people to follow the guidelines for the better and safe health.

Group leadership in youth

Group leadership in younger generation is not so much popular because they mostly believe in oneness and like to follow one. They love one, admire one and dream for one. Therefore, youth leadership usually comprises of a single person with bulk of qualities just to fulfill the expectations of the younger lot.


Hence we can say that group leadership can be ideal one in all situations but in this era of stiff competition where a mistake can bring disaster to decision makers then group leadership is applied in sensitive fields where a modicum of mistake can not be afforded due to its disastrous outcome.

Do you have any other example of group leadership? Please share your thoughts in comments below.

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