Full-time versus part-time bloggers

It depends upon you; whether you opt for full-time or part-time blogging. In blogosphere competition is limitless. Whatever you do for your blog, at the end of the day you need to do something more. This is the true spirit of the competition. There should not be the word “that’s all” in you blogging efforts. If you follow a limited approach in your blogging struggle your end result would also be limited.

Everyday hundreds of blogs are developed over the internet. Some of them end after a while. Some others can’t take a start. While a few keep growing and enters the field of the stiff competition. These are the blogs you have to compete with them. Mind it there quantity is also in thousands and thousands. So no need to be happy or worry just competition should be your blogging motto.

Full-time pro bloggers

If we make a look over the successful bloggers there are two types of full-time bloggers we find on the basis of the time they give to their blogs. Almost all the pro bloggers work on full-time basis. Their entire livelihood depends upon it. Moderate level bloggers either do part-time or hire some freelancers as their support staff but their working hours are also full-time.

Part-time newbie bloggers

In the category of part-time bloggers most of them aim to earn part-time income from this. They are mostly newbies. But they are equally serious and devoted bloggers because their ultimate objective is to switch over full-time as soon as they start earning full-time income. They are the cautious bloggers who first want to ensure reasonable income through blogging and after that adopt it as fully fledged profession.

Support bloggers

There is another category of the bloggers on the basis of time they give to this activity. They are called the support bloggers. They do blogging to support their main profession. For example, in the field of journalism this trend is growing. Many world famous journalists are running their personal blogs where they upload those stories which they feel could not be published in the publications where they work. This type of bloggers promotes their work, ideas, products etc through blogging.

Casual bloggers

This type of bloggers doesn’t do blogging for a specific period of time daily. They don’t have any monetary objective but their passion for the blogging cannot be questioned. Their non-monetary objectives are not worthless. However, they don’t make their livelihood from it therefore; they don’t give so much time to blogging.

Official bloggers

They are the people who promote their organization through blogs. They are more or less like support bloggers but they don’t support their own profession. They actually work for the image building of the organization where they work. Their organization may be a corporation, small business, community group or non-profit organization. They are officially assigned to do blogging for it.

So on the bases of daily contribution of time to blogging above are the most important categories. The ultimate purpose of all of them is to blog to get them recognized in blogosphere. Their primary objective may be to earn money, image building or to create a community but their ultimate aim is to do blogging.

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