Who is a filmmaker? He or she is a person who sponsors the movie-making project and sells the tape of the produced film to cinema houses for its onward display on big screen. He or she can be called the owner of a movie that is actually his or her own property. He or she hires entire film crew including writer, director, actors, cinematographer, set designer, sounder designer, action director, make up manager etc. Mostly all the crew members are hired with the consultation of film director because he or she is the one who has to produce or direct the entire film through its shoot on tape.

Idea maker

Usually idea of a movie is conceived by the filmmaker who then hires the film director to implement his or her idea to make a big screen movie. After hiring the director the job of filmmaker does not end here but he or she has to look after the pace of implementation and sponsors each activity of movie by making payment to crew, artists, contractors, transporters, production house, set design house etc. Apart from that the oversight of each step from story writing to final touches on film reel is also the job of filmmaker.

Risk taker

Filmmaker is the actual risk taker. There is possibility that produced film could not get the status of blog buster due to various factors. Sometimes a movie is made with high hopes but due to its weaker presentation or unacceptable subject does not make a big success. Similarly it also happens that a movie with huge production cost is released but meanwhile a few others with same quality are released simultaneously and market share is split among all of them and only one of them could not make big revenue.

Dual role

Sometimes filmmaker and film director is same who has sufficient funds and skills to produce a film. In this case the whole responsibility of the success of the movie lie on him or her which he or she shares with actors and other crew members to make a success through team work. But most of the veteran filmmakers despite of having skills of film production hire a film director and themselves just look after the overall working of the project by giving free hand to director to product a movie with brighter chances of success.

Filmmaking company

After the advancement in the field of filmmaking, the film production companies have replaced the individual filmmakers. Now instead of an individual a company gets the film produced through a director and his or her entire team including script writer, screen play developer, actors, set designer, sound designer, editor, action director, dance director, cinematographer etc. Such company may be private limited or public limited having shares of several owners. But their job is quite similar to that of an individual filmmaker but here the risk factor is also shared by all the owners of the company. In case of public limited company risk is further split into more than several investors of the movie production company.

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