You mentioned you`re a senior at UPenn, but what`s your major?

I have double subject studies. My major is fine arts and I combine them with the business program. I wasn`t sure about getting all done on time when was a sophomore. Yet, I pushed myself and did my best to succeed.

How did you get inspired to write down your book?

I had been experiencing various insecurities as a primary school student. My parents invested a lot of their time to make me come out of my shell and to be the person I am now. I couldn`t be more thankful than I am right now to them. Thus, when the times of high school started I was noticing students with the same problem I had when I was younger. At first, I contacted the dean and brought up the idea to establish a club was we would have been able to discuss everyday problems and where insecure students can feel safe and cared for. The idea was greatly accepted and soon we started gathering weekly meetings. When the high school time was coming to an end and I needed an additional supplement to add to my admission letter for college, my dean suggested that I write a book/ short article about the times I was helping students, the times I was their mentor to inspire and to lead. And so I did. That was how the How to Make Other Students In the Group Respect You got created.

Are there times you feel like you are not doing well enough with your studies? How do you cope with it?

To be honest, I`m sure no matter how great and successful you are, there are times when you feel blue and the world seems like a shady place where you aren’t doing the best you could. When something like that comes out, I usually take a break, make a cup of chamomile tea, sit on my balcony and enjoy the Jazz music on Spotify. The next day I`m inspired by the new beginnings.