Excellence is not everyone’s cup of tea but it can be yours

So you are fed up with passing an average professional life. You want admiration, applause, bravo and all other words of appreciation for your work. But you are not getting this. Even very rarely you get the remarks well done. Else you just have to hear “its fine” and that’s all. Don’t worry you landed on a right place. In this post I will tell you how you can achieve excellence in your work from now.

Accept the reality

Instead of pining over the fact that you don’t get huge applause you should assess why you are in such a desperate situation. But before that you have to admit this reality. Your work is average. This is the reality. You should not presume no one is here to know the real worth of your work. Nor you should assume that you are a genius and this society is of common people. This is a great fallacy that may lead you to madness. Remember genius is one who is declared genius by others. For this your work must be popular enough not the freak enough to make you earn the title of genius.

Point out the problem

If you feel you are a genius but society is not accepting you it may be right. It may also be wrong. But if you are confident enough over your being an extra ordinary person it means there is a gap between you and your expression of yourself. You must have a lot of stuff in you but you are unable to express it. It means problem is in you not in society. No doubt people who perform superbly always make a stand that society has to come to their level to understand what they are trying to say. They announce that they will not go down to the level of society to make it understand their work. So do you have this type of thinking? It is not excellence that you keep a gap between your work and the level of understanding of the society. Prowess lies in making people understand what you mean to say. This is called skills above the normal level. So do you have this skill? Come on mate apply it from today.

Rectify it by your own way

If you have identified a problem now need not to apply a normal solution on it. That problem is of a person with superior qualities so you have to explore a superior solution for it. But that solution must resolve the problem in a way that no gap should remain between you and your audience. What your audience needs, you must provide and what you want to supply your audience must warmly welcome it. In this way a two-way flow will start where you will be accepted as a person of excellence. As a result you will achieve excellence in your work and will refute the impression of commonness about you.

I can bet, instead of cursing the society or your luck if you just apply your thinking on two realities: 1) people want quality 2) you can offer quality, you will be standing in the row of genius people of your time.

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