Don’t you have a good job?

Why do you not have a good job? Someone must have simply asked you this question once in your professional life but hardly have given you the proper reason of your under-employment. There are several factors which keep you away from a good job during your whole career. Here we are mentioning few most important of them.

  • You are unable to fulfill the requirements of a good job
  • Your attitude deprives you of a good job
  • You cultural background is not impressive to support you get a good job
  • You are not smarter than your competitors
  • You lack inborn qualities to get a good job
  • Your social environment is an obstacle to get you a good job
  • Your lack of consistency hinders you to obtain a good job
  • Your freaky behavior is a bottleneck
  • You are super genius and unacceptable to an average work environment
  • You can’t express yourself what you actually are
  • You lack self confidence to impress your recruiter
  • You are so casual and don’t take job hunting a serious pursuit
  • You are pessimist and avoid to attempt for a good job
  • You live in fantasy and unable to survive in the practical world.

If you don’t have a good job on whatever reasons as given above but now you are reading these lines –which shows you are serious enough to get a good job and believe me you will get the one – make up in your mind that those who are doing a good job have not come from the sky. They must have applied a method to achieve their goal. Here I am sharing this secret with you below.

The secret: There are no criteria to define what is a good job or bad job but there are three features which make a job good for you.

  • Its salary must be as per your expectations
  • It offers you complete job satisfaction
  • It must fulfill your higher order needs apart from monetary ones

Now let’s do a factual analysis of your present job to know why it is not good for you. Does it not offer you the salary you expect or you cannot derive job satisfaction from it or you can’t tell people what the nature of your job is. There may be one or all the reasons in your present job to be not a good for you.

So you have to leave the idealism and select which one of the above points is more important for you. If you want more salary forget about the two and first search a high-paying job. If job satisfaction is more important for you don’t keep salary package as priority and get the one which gives you satisfaction. What I mean to say is that there is a big difference between good and perfect. So don’t run after an ideal situation and first get the one with having any one or two of your required points and after that with your devotion and performance derive the rest of the features from it and enjoy a good job.

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