Definition of stress management

Definition of stress management is very important for those who feel stress in daily life. Usually we assume stress is an issue of our personal life. Whenever there is unnecessary load of work on us we feel stress. To some extent it is correct but not all the time. Stress is everywhere; in job, business, politics, social life and even in religious activities. Taking anything serious more than it deserves is called stress. Mind it there is no undue stress. When you feel lot of pressure of a factor it means you need stress management.

Let’s come back to the topic of this post; what is stress management. We know every issue can be resolved in this world. Only effort and a proper strategy are required to do so. Same is the case with the stress that is also an issue and affects the normalcy. When various methods to bring relief and relaxations are applied to manage the stress it is called stress management. So this is the definition of stress management.

At personal level when you feel lot of stress owing to a persistent problem or due to frequent occurrences of series of problems you search its solution. You first of all review yourself that is the problem so huge that stress is natural or you are just taking it seriously. If it is really so serious then stress is natural otherwise you would just control your nerves to keep them out of stress. However, in case of stress you just try to root out its causes. You analyze why you are facing a same problem again and again. Why you are surrounded by several problems. So you change your life style including your behavior, angle of sight and way of living. Similarly you also try to weed out other causes of the problems you are facing. So this is the definition of stress management at personal level.

In collective life stress may hit any sector or an individual business. An industry may feel stress owing to stand-still demand. In this situation supplies would find no way-out to dispose of their stock. Eventually they have to sell their products on cheap prices due to low demand. As a result they have to suffer losses. So instead of just facing the stress they either arouse the demand of their products or try to explore another market where demand of their product is higher. In this way they reduce or eliminate the stress. So this is the definition of stress management at the collective level.

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