Definition of natural resource management

Before discussing the definition of natural resource management first we have to define the natural resources. Everything bestowed to us by the nature in its pure form is called natural resource. For example air, water, land, mountain, lake, valleys, deserts, seas, oceans, rivers etc. When we altered them for our convenience we actually hit the nature. Apparently we reap the benefits of the alteration but actually we harm the nature.

We explode the mountains to level the land and construct a road on it. We divert the flowing water just to do farming on land. We erect bridges over the river and cover the water of river to receive sun directly. We make dams and store water artificially. We make a building and cut the trees on empty plot of the proposed building. It means whenever we do any kind of development activity we hit the nature in one way or another.

Should the damage to natural resource be continued for the sake of the development? If it should be continued then what next? One day all our natural resources would wipe away and eventually we have lot of development installations like roads, bridges, dams, buildings, towers etc. Don’t worry there is a check and balance for the proper natural resource management if any development activity needs to be carried out somewhere on the planet earth.

Almost every country has environmental impact assessment laws which bind every development project to first assess the impact its proposed project on natural resource. If there is above normal impact then the project may be disapproved. If it has less impact than it is also bound to compensate the losses likely to be made to the natural resources during the construction of the project. For example if one has to build a building and one wipes out all the flora and fauna from the plot of the land in this case there must be new plantation around the area of the project. Likewise if a development activity pushes back the green belt, its proponent is bound to offset it by planting almost double green wherever possible near the project.

This is called natural resource management. It is done through legal framework. But it does not end here.  It is obligatory on the government of each country to directly do the natural resource management if our precious resources are being depleted due to the lack of care and maintenance. In this case projects are carried out to ensure safety of the natural resources.

There are several natural resource management activities that are carried out by private sector. Non-governmental organizations are playing lead role in this cause at the community level. Likewise corporate sector also runs projects for the natural resource management where it operates to reflect its commitment for the safety of the mother Earth.


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