Definition of media management

Definition of media management is very simple. It describes the ways and means to manage the media. How to manage the media? It is a right question. But wait; first I would ask you, what is media? This is more important to learn the first two following questions and then discuss the definition of media management:

  • What is media?
  • Why to manage the media?
  • How to manage the media?


What is media?

All channels of communication are called media. If you paint a picture so here painting is your media. If you make a sculpture to express your feelings, the sculpture making is your media. Similarly if you stage a play in theatre in this case theatre is your media. It means whatever source or medium you adopt to express yourself or your feelings about the world this is called media. Wait, wait; am I not going to be so artistic in defining media. You are absolutely right. In present times media doesn’t mean the one which I described above. This may be a classical definition of media but now its definition is quite different.

In present time of digital technology whatever channel of communication you use to convey your message of any type to a huge number of audiences is called media. How can we convey our message at a massive scale? Through newspapers, television and radio we can better communicate at a large scale. After that internet also became the part of media but we call it cyber media to distinguish it from other media because in features it is quite ahead of others.

Why to manage the media?

To understand the definition of media management it is necessary to learn why there is need to manage the media. Look, it does not mean to administer the media. If you own a newspaper, TV or radio channel you administer it. You run it effectively to earn money, to compete in the media industry, to get more and more business. Actually you manage it but to keep the difference we call it media administration.

How to manage the media?

Media management means a person of a company, political party or community group issues its various publicity items to different types of media including newspapers, TV and radio channels etc for the image building of his/her group. The purpose of the media management is to effectively maintain the communication with your target audience with the help of media. It does not mean public relation under which we get coverage of our performance and activities. We buy space in newspapers and magazines or book time slot in TV and radio channels to put our own message in it; this is called media management.

Now we can better understand the definition of media management which we covered above by first defining the various terms related to this definition.

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