Ours is an age of conflicts. Mostly we dislike conflicts but involve in them sometimes willingly or unwillingly. A person with an opinion would definitely differ with someone in home, office, club, group or somewhere else. It means where there is any kind of interaction between two or more persons, chances of dispute are obvious there.

Positive conflicts

In enlightened societies disputes are taken as positive if they occur with a purpose of improving something. Two roommates may involve in a conflict on how to place the study table in the room. Their ultimate purpose is to place the table in a way most beneficial to both of them. Likewise two neighbors dispute on how to dispose of garbage in street bin because both of them want to avoid modicum of the chances of littering and want to take full care of their environment. It means a conflict with a purpose is a positive sign for the well being of our society.

Negative conflicts

Some people disagree with others just for the sake of disagreement. They want to prove their worth in a group or organization by just showing that they can disagree with any body they want. Sometimes they want something to be happened in a way they like and for this purpose they disagree with the proposals of all and stress for the approval of their own scheme of things. They actually create a dissent in the group which may ultimately lead to fissure in the rank and file of the group. Such types of conflicts are not wanted by all and civilized societies do not take them positively. However, in less educated or less aware group of people such situations are quite common and ultimately people resort to infighting over trivial issues.

Global conflicts

Global conflicts are typical examples of disputes among various countries which are continuing for a long time and neither of the party is interested to resolve them which show that two conflicting countries like to stay in conflict with each other just to show their strength of sustaining the pressure of the dispute. Either in West or in East, so many countries have been in conflict with another country for centuries and several global forums are unable to mediate between them to resolve their disputes which in some cases have taken lives of hundreds of thousands of people and almost crippled the economies of the both conflicting countries but no one of them is ready to sit on negotiation table to resolve them. However, after the advent of criteria of economic power to lead the world as super power most arch foes of the past are now trading with each other and gradually resorting to dialogue for the best interests of each other. But it is not happening everywhere, still there are many countries that are ready to sacrifice the benefits of mutual trade for the sake of old animosity.

Conflict management

There is one group of human resource experts which take all types of conflicts as positive and argue that it is not conflict which impacts a situation but its management is the main factor which can convert the most negative conflict into positive one through the art of conflict management. It means conflict itself is not good or bad but it is conflict manager which convert it into positive for the good of the group or organization where it arises.

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4 thoughts on “Conflicts

  1. Great!! All these different aspects of conflicts are considerable. Positive one is good but other should must be controlled earlier.

  2. I’m pretty sure when they ask you to write a meohtd,they are asking you to tell them how you can carry out the project.So if you are writing about socialization-(helping children learn to work together and solve conflicts, how to play together) You would write-let’s say-when two children are having a conflict over a toy, you would use conflict resolution meohtd-Help the children came to a solution together.example (meohtd) two children are fighting over the toy .You step in and ask each child what is happening.ask them how we can solve this problem.Give them time to think of some solutions.If they don’t-give them a few suggestions .Come to an agreement.They will be better off next time to handle it themselves. At least a little better.References :

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