Conflict management in a family

Reasons of conflict in a family

Conflict management is not only a practice of workplaces; in fact you need to follow steps for managing conflicts at home and among families too. Usually conflicts arise when people enter into combined families. Like in most of the families, the concept of joint family system is common, so in such homes, conflicts occur because of merging personalities. Further more, family conflicts occur when step parent of one or more children enters in to the home. There are times when you used to live alone and now you have to accustom to new environment of joint family.

Conflict management instructions regarding kids

In most of the families, children become the cause of the conflict as they argue on pity issues with their cousins of the same age. So in order to conduct proper conflict management you need to follow some instructions: initially you must set realistic and practical expectations which should not be imposed on kids. Well children take time to adjust in blended family; you should not expect that kids would display affection immediately. If you are dealing with a step child, you need to be very patient as he/she would not trust you in start. You need to give time to the relationship.

Rational info for conflict management

One of the other healthy ways of dealing with family conflicts is to create open communication environment in house. As every individual living in a house must feel that his/her opinion matters and their presence is also desired by other members of the family. No one should neglect or otherwise it creates conflicts among families. You can do this by describing family rules and try to post them where everyone can view the rules. Try to argue with your spouse in closed doors rather than in front of children, as it would affect their minds.

Conflict resolution methods

One of the strategies towards conflict management is calmness. You need to speak objectively and apply rationality to the situation. You must be patient and calm and get to know the real cause of the conflict. In this way it would become easier to resolve. Another thing you must take care of is to respect other person’s point of view. If the other person is in emotional state, then you must let him/her vent. Compromise is a healthy key to conflict management. You must look up for areas of compromise or come to a decision where both parties can agree. Most of the times, resolution is found within the middle ground rather than on one side.

Arbitration and warning are tools of conflict management

In some circumstances you need to involve a third party for finalizing things. The third party could be a marriage counselor, a manager at work place, or a mutual friend. This is called arbitration which is mostly helpful in conflict management. One of the last options is giving warning. When all else techniques fail to resolve the conflicts, then you can adopt the policy of warning for controlling disputes and disagreements.

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