Business environment on Christmas

Discounts, discounts and discounts is the only word which covers the entire business environment of the most of the European countries on the occasion of Christmas. It is obvious because people enjoy buying at lower prices and sellers love to sell on this festive occasion to clear their stock. As a result we see momentum in the consumption and in the markets of the consumer products.

Blessing in attractive offers

Overall we can see that business environment on Christmas knows no bounds. Everywhere attractive offers with huge discounts are available. People take it as blessing that every year they get huge opportunity to buy the products of their needs on the lowest possible rates. In other days they can’t afford to buy them.

Christmas discounts unmatchable

Every religion has festivities but the show of the religious unity by business on community on Christmas is unprecedented. In many religions no arrangements are done to facilitate the people shop and buy on lower rates. Even in most countries – that follow other religions – prices move up on the occasions of the days of the religious significance.

Christmas business spirit is voluntary

There is no evidence of government hand in the business environment on Christmas. Shopkeepers voluntarily lower the prices and huge brands offer unbelievable discounts to make people celebrate this event with more pleasure and fun.

Technical reason of discounts

The technical reason of momentum in the business environment on Christmas is the clearance of the old stock. This is indeed a technical reason but why businessmen want to clear the old stock. Because they firmly believe that the same buyers would be buying their newer lot in the coming year and that too would be cleared on the occasion of the next Christmas. So this is the demonstration of the two-way goodwill by the businessmen and the consumers.

What happens in non-Christian countries?

In countries where Christian community lives in majority there is no any problem of the price hike on the occasion of the Christmas. However, in the non-Christian countries there are no arrangements to make their Christian brothers and sisters to shop and buy their needed goods on the discounted prices. Therefore, they don’t enjoy their festivities with a lot of joy. As a matter of fact in such countries Christian community is not so rich. Therefore, things are not as much congenial for them as found in the Christian-majority countries.

People replace luxury items on Christmas

Business environment on Christmas remains so momentous till the last moments on its eve. People not only buy consumer products but most of them prefer to replace their luxury goods on this occasion. It is the common practice in such countries that people like to replace their entire furniture and other luxury items with the new one to celebrate this event with more joy.


Hence we can say that the business environment on Christmas demonstrates the spirit of the Christianity that believes in “live and let live”. They take full care of their community and enjoy their all religious celebrations without hurting the feelings of other. That is why momentous business environment on Christmas is an example for others to show same spirit of facilitating others to enjoy their religious festivals.

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