Salut guys! My name is Alison and this is my blog! As a UPenn (the full name is the University of Pennsylvania) senior and the president of TAC-e (Theatre Arts Council) committee, I am often in a lack of time for my personal life or activities outside of the Uni. Yet, I am never in a lack of time for blogging, writing, creating, and ruling the world in a girly style. The same rule I follow when I create my posts and publications.

I want people to say: ‘Woah! She`s so wicked! I like the stuff she does!’. There is no wonder you might know me by the posts ‘How to Make Other Students In the Group Respect You’, ‘5 Rules of Communication with Inadequate Teenagers’, ‘5 Types of Freshmen: How to Behave on the First Day of School’.

As I have had a lot of practical experience in acting, I know what are the key elements to make people listen to you, to make them respect you, and to influence them to follow your way of thinking. Every day I face with students who undergo burdensome times in their surrounding areas; those, who have lack of confidence and sometimes are bullied by peers. They want to build self-esteem and raise their confidence.

As well, as still be successful A students in their educational institutions. My blog was created to help all of you, folks! Not just regular posts about essays, presentations, years in college, but powerful and motivating articles to overcome the fear of communication.

Together we will crash-n-smack the insecurity you have, and we will build a new-You character!