5 tips to crush the fear of failure

Half of the people in this world avoid attempting due to the fear of failure. They always have intense desire to be successful but they are afraid of not achieving their goals. As a result they don’t plan to achieve them. Even if they plan they keep it dragging and don’t act upon it. Many people don’t have the fear of failure but they hate to be called flop. That is why they never attempt or even if they do so they don’t let others know about their attempting.

Here are five tips to overcome the fear of failure.

Your failure is not end of this world

You might have heard this sentence several times. But did you ponder over its literal meaning. So do this right now. Always watch this world with broader eyes. What happen if you fail in one attempt? No sky collapses. No jerk occurs on this world. Just you feel more or less sinking feelings and that’s all. Maximum some of your friends or competitors laugh over you. Some of them express sympathy with you but it too irritates you. Your elders get angry over you. Does your life stop after your failure? Yes you do a mistake after being failed. You never come out from its shock or take quite a long time to recover yourself. So before attempting for any task make up your mind to succeed and secondly firmly resolve if you fail you will come out from its shock in a next minute, hour or day depending upon the intensity of shock of your failure.

Failure is a key to success, really

Apparently it sounds a soothing sentence. But frankly how do you hate failure until you won’t taste it. Therefore, to literally hate failure you first have to experience it. After that you can fire your desire to be successful. In this way you make two efforts at a time. One to defeat the failure and second one is to win the success. Just imagine how powerful your attempt would be with double objectives.

Always keep a plan B

Strategic strugglers have always a plan B. They don’t waste time in grieving over their failure. They just wind up their one task which they could not have accomplished and engage themselves for another task. In this way your morale will not decline and with the same level of passion you would be attempting another work.

Know the exact meaning of failure

What does failure mean to you this should be more important to you? Apparently you may fail but it may be a booster for an ultimate success for you. If your aim is to develop your reputation as a jazz musician but you fail to achieve a big contract what does it mean. You might have not fulfilled other requirement that is why you failed to be selected. Here you have to see whether you are known as a perfect jazz musician. If it is so it means you are successful but faced a failure in one of its part. Overall you deserve to be called successful here and you must be thankful for this.

Law of nature always work

As much you work in the same amount you will be rewarded. It is the law of nature. Just cast a look over the history and see the amount of hard work people did before becoming famous and successful. Just measure your amount of hard work and compare it with them. You must feel you have a long way to go to follow their footprints. So you have to be on right track with doing lot of hard work and eventually you will achieve your goal and fully defeat the failure. Take your heart mate!

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