5 Types of Freshmen: How to Behave on the First Day of School

Entering college can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. After all, you are about to embark on an adventure that can greatly impact your future. If you are a freshman, expect a major difference in the environment. It is not like the high school campus you got used to. You may have to adjust and manage your expectation, behave in a certain manner, and exert effort in making new friends. Here are some of the types of people you might encounter in college. Who knows? Maybe one or some of them can be your lifelong friends.

The aspiring athlete or cheerleader

These types of freshmen are incredibly good looking and fit, or so they think they are. They enter college believing they are the key to winning the university’s next big championship game. They make it known that they are the next generation of jocks and mean girls on campus. They come across as fresh and entitled because they know they will eventually be popular around the campus.

The straight As future politician

The straight As future politicians are those who used to be student leaders with honors in high school. Their necks were heavy with medals and their hands full of several certificates of recognition on the day of their graduation. In college, these freshmen expect to continue what they have started or even achieve more than they did.

You will see them familiarizing their way around the campus, making sure they know where the important places are like the library, student council office, and other student organization headquarters. They already know which organization to join and the position they want to run for.

The rich kid

The rich kids are hard to miss. They arrive at school in a fancy car and dressed in a very fancy manner. Their hands are freshly manicured and their hair is styled well. They feel entitled because they are filthy rich. In terms of academics, they tend to slack in classes because they know they can pay their way out of it.

In terms of forming relationships, they stick to their own. That means, if you have nothing to offer on the table, you do not belong to the group. In making connections for future working relationships, well, they don’t. This is because they do not even have to exert an effort in finding a job after college. Whatever happens, they have a huge family business to fall back on.

The always working one

The always working types are mostly those who are trying to make ends meet. They are financially challenged, and they need to work to finance their education. You will not see them so much on campus or in other curricular activities because they are busy trying to earn money.

These people are a good company to keep. They value their time, money, and education because they do not have the luxury to waste any of them.

The party animal

Well, they are the friendliest bunch on campus either because they know a lot of people from parties or they try to make a lot of new friends they can invite to hang out after class and party on weekends.

Every college and university has all of these types of freshmen students and more. If you want to be categorized according to a type, then you might have to behave in a particular way, follow their lead, and have certain qualities. There is no shame in wanting to belong to a certain group, just make sure you do not lose yourself in the process.

Having a group of likeminded people can help you survive college. Remember, college life is not just about forming friendships and future work relationships. It is also about learning, overcoming difficulties, and making an impact on campus.

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