4 tips to get 1000 daily visitors on your blog in one month

how to get 1000 daily visitorsDon’t worry; I am not reviewing a product here that nowadays every pro blogger is doing. They are very smart people because they know the level of demand of such products. Because of the skyrocketing level of competition in blogosphere newbie have shifted their focus from freebies to premium products. Competition is so tough that is why they have no choice but to pay money and then earn money. You can’t earn money for free in this age of dog-eats-dog competition. If you are also in search of a premium product to increase the traffic on your blog you are lucky to arrive on this website. You don’t have to pay a single penny and you will get the four tried tips to get 1000 daily visitors on your blog in just one month. You need not to wait more and just grab these tips below.

No one likes a ghost friend

Just imagine you have a good friend but you never met him, nor you have his exact whereabouts. Even you don’t have any photograph of your friend. Even more you never talked to him on phone or skype. Your entire interaction is done through emails and instant messaging. Do you think he is really your friend? He can be your formal or business friend but can never be your best friend, the one who you can trust blindly. So how come you can become friend of your readers by hiding your face, identity and whereabouts. Being a ghost blogger can you make your inroads into your audience? Never at all, you can become a good blogger as being ghost blogger but can never build trust in your audience. For this you have to show your real face, your real life. You have to share your joys, sorrows, experiences and everything about your life. You have to put human aspect first and then think about commercial aspect. In this way you would develop intimacy with them. Your readers will know you fully. They will trust you and follow your advice and buy the products you suggest them. Most importantly they would regularly visit your blog if they know you well.

No sermons, just solve the problems

It is so easy to show several options to your readers. This can work in philosophy where two plus two are not equal to four but may be equal to four or may be equal to five. In blogging you don’t have to adopt may be style or show several options leaving the final selection on your reader. You have to show them the one path as the right one and also you have to prove it. No guesstimates and no opinion just facts and figures. If you advice your reader to get a good design of header blogger here just good design will not be sufficient advice. You have to tell the number of pixel, the dimension, the concept, the trends and even the exact place like fiverr.com to get it designed. So your every tip must be accurate, perfect and without any guesstimates and opinions.

No boring style

Your way of communication must be interesting. If you just give your readers advice over advice without mentioning the human aspect in your advice it will be like a mechanical device or a guidebook. If you pull out human feelings from your blog it can be nothing but a spammy website to earn few bucks with stereotyped contents. Your language, your tips and your interaction; all must be interesting. You don’t have to be vulgar but whatever we do in our daily lives you should not ignore them while communicating with your readers.

Sky is the limit for your presence

You don’t have to be choosy while promoting your blog and your posts. You don’t have to rely on simply five comments, five forum entries, one weekly guest post and sharing in four to five social media accounts. There is no rule of thumb for the promotion of your post. Yes these sources will make you get quality back links but they are not enough to make you get more traffic on your blog. For this wherever you find space to make other feels your presence, just do it. Even if you listen a live show on radio and RJ invites the listeners to call him you should be the first one to call and talk to him and tactfully mention your blog in your communication.


So these are the four tips to make you get 1000 daily visitors on your blog in just one month. For this you have to increase 33 visitors daily while retaining the previous one. Your contents quality must be high enough to retain the maximum visitors and your campaign to be present everywhere should be robust enough to bring at least 33 more visitors. So start this process from tomorrow, Nope, from today mate, tomorrow is far away.

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2 thoughts on “4 tips to get 1000 daily visitors on your blog in one month

  1. Hi Edson,

    Great post filled with some excellent info. I especially liked the section on being (or not!) a ghost blogger. I believe that building relationships with your readers, potential customers and existing subscribers and customers is essential. It’s important for people to know, like and trust you, just as in any kind of relationship. If you’re reluctant to so much as even show your face then you’re really making things unnecessarily difficult for you.

    Keep up the great content! :-)


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