4 golden rules to double your productivity in one week

So you want to do more productively in less time. That’s very great. It should be the effort of everyone who wants to do something in this world. Life is so short. Half of it we spend sleeping and doing other personal chores. From the rest of our life we spend 30 per cent to make foundation of our professional life. Meanwhile we either learn some skills or get education. If you don't have enough time or just afraid to not pass the task why just you dont ask someone write my essay for me? We always try to do our best but sometimes are just afraid to ask for help to save some extra time for your private life. After that we just have one fourth of our total life if we survive our natural age. In this short period we have to make us recognized in this world as an icon of our field. At least we try to become an awesome expert of our field and earn a position to retire from work with lot of savings and benefits. For this you must have maximum productivity to achieve your professional goals successfully. Here are a few tips to double your productivity in one week.

Keep innovating

In everything you have to keep innovating. In your work, in your working environment, in your way of living, in your physical environment and even in your work schedule make frequent and positive changes. They must be positive and supportive. For this just change the things which irritate you. The setting of your work table if annoys you change its direction. Never forget to change the desktop picture of your PC or lap top. If you wear two-piece suit in same color, wear for some days in contrast. If you go for a walk early in the morning, go in the evening for two days in a week to enjoy the change. This habit of yours will surely double your productivity in one week.

Enjoy everything

It is a thing of past when you are advised to enjoy your work. Now in this age of stiff competition you should enjoy even your hardship. But don’t become habitual of them. Treat every problem as the last one. Resolve it in a way that it never comes again. It you have to work for late hours just think how lucky you are that you have to back home in the night when there is no sun on the sky. You can watch directly the hustle and bustle of night.

Stress means disaster in your productivity

If you have to face several challenges in your job don’t take stress. Never expect you will not accomplish a task. Just see the positive aspect. Develop your thought process that always believes in getting things done. Don’t be excited to do a job nor be extremely disappointed if you fail to do anything. Failure is a real booster of success. This must be your motto at your workplace and everywhere in your struggle.

Don’t become planning freak

You must plan your every work. You must implement your plan without any flaw. But don’t let your plan ride over your head. In this way you will not be able to give your best. You should just plan to give your best. Put your plan into practice because this is the only thing in your hand. How much you will be successful; never try to foresee it. Just believe in today with best efforts for the better tomorrow. In this way you would be able to double your productivity in one week.

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