3 steps to make a successful blog

I am giving you a secret of making a successful blog. In return I do not want anything from you. Just one promise read this post completely. You have all the rights to assume this is another post to tell you stereo-typed tips about developing a successful blog. I assure you this is not the case. Nothing is for sale in this post. Nor I would request in the end to submit your email or subscribe this blog. This is the result of my previous two years research which I want to share free. You just need to read it fully and after that make an opinion about this post and about this blog.

Step one: Extensive research

If you have been reading about blogging since long forget about it. Even if you have been running several mediocre or flop blogs no need to stick to them more. Turn over a new leaf from today. Remember, remember, and please remember; for blogging you need not to be an expert with Ph.D degree nor you need to become a philosopher. You just need to learn the art of attracting people towards you, influencing them and then selling your products. Rest of the technical things you can do with one click and with few bucks. First select your niche that means a topic you think it, eat it and sleep it. You buy a domain that is easy to understand, pronounce and remember. Buy a hosting from one of the oldest companies because in this field old is gold. Develop your blog by just doing few clicks over a free WordPress template and now you are ready to post. Yes before your first post, make a logo from a designer or if you can work on Photoshop make a logo of your blog yourself and now start blogging.

Step two: Write every post as if it’s your first and last post

This you do quality wise and not worry about its length. Make its length up to 1,000 words; and publish your post regularly (not daily, weekly or monthly) yes regularly with proper interval but never miss a single turn of publishing the new post. In your every post put the highly searched keywords taken from Google Keyword Tool. Make an impressive headline of your each post to grab the attention and make visitors read your full post.

Step three: Success is in list

From the day one keep it in your mind your unique visitors those who come once in a month may never come again. So make them your regular visitors. You can do this by offering them a valuable thing on your blog. It may be a list of important websites about your niche or an ebook on 100 ways to make money through your niche or on becoming a successful person by learning your niche or on any other topic that can influence people to download it. Bind visitors to submit their email and then download it. You can do this with any email list manager like Aweber, Mailchimp or initially Feedburner that is free but has less free services.


Suppose during initial 100 days of your blog if ten visitors come to your blog daily and you convince them through the quality of your contents and value of your freebie half of them submit their email it means you manage a list of 500 relevant customers. If you keep on doing this it means in first year you have a list of 1500 visitors that are interested to read your blog more. So write very impressive articles and offer the most valuable freebie from day one and start succeeding from the day one. After that you just need to influence and convince your regular visitors to buy your products and service that will make you earn money from the very beginning.

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  1. Hi Mr. Hale…Your Post attracted me from the tittle all the way through…From the Tittle to the End…It’s just like You’re talking just to me…Great…I sure need all of these points mention, & above all a Mentor like You…Will bookmark this page to keep on coming back…To follow all Your Points…Appreciate all You do…God Bless!



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