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How to be passionate in your profession?

What is the oft-repeated excuse of mediocre professionals of every field? They all contend that they were not actually made for the profession they are working in right now. They enumerate several reasons of the mismatch of their tendency and present profession. Some of them put the blame on elders, some hold themselves responsible and some others point finger at the fast changing trends in the professional world. But all must have a reason. So let’s analyze this reason and find is it a right reason or simply a lame excuse. In this way we would get the answer of …Read more »

How to double your learning power just in one week?

Everybody complains of his slow learning skills. I can’t pick immediately; I forget whatever learnt; I get tired if I have to learn something; I don’t have passion for learning; I fail to understand properly; why I am not sharp; all these sentence you must have heard around you. Maybe some of them you might have said to your friends or colleagues. It means each one of us is worried about his weak learning power. But I am sure after reading this article you would be able to double your learning power just in one week. I bet you just …Read more »

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