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New trends in community leadership

Earlier someone has to toil a lot to become a community leader. For this purpose he had to spend a lot of time to serve the community. Mostly such positions were acquired in the past by active civil society members. They were from non-governmental organizations and community based organizations. A social leader was accepted as community guide simultaneously. The main criterion to select him was his previous services to the community. Everything has changed However, after the advent of a vibrant electronic and social media now community leadership has become quite challenging because now it is not done just on …Read more »

What are various types of keywords?

Whenever you read an article about search engine optimization you must come across the word keywords. Sometime you read it in plural and sometime with different tag words. To use the keywords in post in the best possible way first you have to be clear about this term and also about its related terms. Therefore it is necessary to know what the types of keywords are. The research I have done so far on this topic I came across the following terms related to keywords. Single word keywords Multiple words Keywords Keyword phrases Long-tail keywords Keyword spin

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