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Don’t you have a good job?

Why do you not have a good job? Someone must have simply asked you this question once in your professional life but hardly have given you the proper reason of your under-employment. There are several factors which keep you away from a good job during your whole career. Here we are mentioning few most important of them. You are unable to fulfill the requirements of a good job Your attitude deprives you of a good job You cultural background is not impressive to support you get a good job You are not smarter than your competitors You lack inborn qualities …Read more »

Rising trend of sexual harassment at workplace

Rising trend of sexual harassment at workplace has become a matter of grave concern for organizational behavior experts. Though this maltreatment to women folk is common in every sector of the society but its harms at workplace are more severe. It retards the productivity of the victim of this criminal offence and as a result overall workplace performance also suffers. What is sexual harassment at workplace? If a worker especially woman worker has to face an indecent attitude from her colleague or boss with any physical, oral or visual act which disturbs the woman to perform normally is called sexual …Read more »

How to write contents for your niche website – Part 1

Writing for a niche website is little bit different than an ordinary writing for any authority site or personal blog. Here you have to be so much concise to disseminate maximum information with minimum rhetoric. As you know that through niche website you don’t make business through affiliates and most of your business depends upon Google Adsense and other ads of this type. Therefore, you don’t have to win the hearts of the people to make them buy your affiliate products. You just have to impress them with your impressive writing style that must be to-the-point and perfect. No lengthy …Read more »

Top 5 qualities to become a film director

A person having a slighter tendency of art must once think to become a film director in the beginning of his/her career. Lucky are those who get opportunity to join a filmmaking institute or get an intern job in a film production house. If they really have aptitude of this field they rise to the world fame. Many other don’t have any good chance to join this fraternity and keep on struggling to be known as film director. Here are the top 5 qualities to become a film director. Leadership Creativity Planning Implementing Selling

How to communicate in noisy business environment?

To communicate in noisy business environment does not mean just to talk to anyone under the sounds of operating machines or briefing the clients on product features standing behind the front desk of the office. It has so vast meaning. Here both communication and noise have broad scope. We already know what is business environment but just for the sake of recall let’s again discuss it first. Whatever related to business; static or moving, tangible or intangible, physical or conceptual is collectively called business environment. It includes businesses, buildings, markets, clients, producers, manufacturers, rates, sentiments, mood, trends, supply, demand, transactions, …Read more »

Please tell me how to make money, asks a money-blogger

It’s not a joke. Most of the newbie bloggers pick their niche how to make money just to see its strong appeal to the readers. They assume whatever they would write about making money a huge lot of internet users would grab their contents. The readers would be happy to read the contents and be impressed by their money-making advices. But after sometime when they get hardly a few visitors that too from their friends and family. They get desperate. They don’t have traffic and eventually don’t earn any money. In frustration they start asking to others how to make …Read more »

Niche site versus authority site

Very few of us compare or contrast the niche site versus authority site. Blogger fraternity is so much engaged in the stiff competition in the blogosphere. They don’t have time to reexamine what they are doing over their niche website or blog. Aren’t they following expansionary approach? To keep pace with the competitors they are just adding over adding in their niche website. This is the blunder they are doing. This is because most of us don’t know the similarities and differences of niche site versus authority site. There are five main differences to get clear about niche site versus …Read more »

Overcoming fear of conflict

Overcoming fear of conflict is necessary if one has to understand the correct concept of the conflict. Are you afraid of getting into brawl with someone? You feel disputing so bad. You take it as a sort of fight. Above all do you think differing with someone is a negative act? If you thinking on these lines given above then remember you will never succeed in overcoming fear of conflict. Either it is likely to happen in your home, in your residential area, in your office or in a place where you have to go and stay awhile. Off course …Read more »

Importance of business environment

Importance of business environment can be assessed by the fact that a business cannot be run properly without a proper setup for its support. When an investor decides to start a business in a country or region he/she first analyzes the prevalent conditions with respect to the businesses. If these conditions are congenial to it he/she would waste no time to start the business. Otherwise he/she explores other countries or regions to set up new business there. Size doesn’t matter The importance of business environment cannot be overlooked either one has to start a big business or smaller one. Establishing …Read more »

Business environment and industrial growth

Business environment and industrial growth are directly related to each other. Stability of the former ensures fast pace of the latter. As a matter of fact every kind of growth needs a congenial surroundings and support from all the sides. If one aspect of a scenario has any kind of uncertainty, the growth would be difficult to make there. To move high it is necessary that you have all the accessories to fly. Same is the case with growth, you can’t move up if you don’t have all the basic equipment to do so. Who falters in growth? We easily …Read more »

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