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Have a baby or a niche website

Have a baby or a niche website Obviously both of them have nothing in common. One is a living being other one is simply a website. Howsoever lively you can make your niche website but you can’t make it a living being. One makes you happy and the other one – the website – makes you toil hard first then get it grow and earn through it. You baby grows by itself naturally but to grow your website you have to push it. Then why I am comparing the both? Both need your care Yap the love, care and affection …Read more »

3 qualities of great leaders you never know

We watch a lot of great leaders on media. They have very influencing personality. They shine in the crowd. Their body language and facial expressions prove they are the genuine leaders. They talk, people listen to them. They walk and people follow them. People await their appearance on media. Luckier are those who meet directly with their leaders. Why I am narrating so much about great leaders. Yap you are right I am just recalling your impression about a leader. What do we mostly think about a leader? A person with lot of good qualities, hmmm.

What is a hot niche?

What is a hot niche? There are many hot niches. But mind it they keep on changing. It all depends upon the demand factor. What is demand factor? It means what people are searching. What they want to buy. What type of food they want to eat? Which variety of clothes they want to wear. So out of entire demands of net users you have to sort out all such demands which they prefer to shop through internet. Obviously they won’t buy grocery online all the time. There are established rules to buy food and clothes in every part of …Read more »

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