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Student Visas

Are you a student from a country where standard of education is not globally acknowledged or opportunities for higher education are not diverse there? Then obviously – on the basis of your affordability – you must be thinking to go abroad to get education of your desired standard. For this purpose you need proper guidance and information to achieve your goal. You must know the following points to go to a foreign country for education. You can freely move within your country from one region to another one but you cannot go to a foreign country without a visa. The …Read more »

The Job Interview

The job interview is the main segment of a process of selecting right candidate for the job through competitive evaluation and assessment of qualification and experience of all candidates. It may comprise of simply one-time interview or be divided into preliminary, technical and final interview but the purpose of all of them is to pick the best one from better lot. To initiate the process of job interview, first of all advertisements are issued in widely circulated newspapers and hugely hit websites inviting applications from the candidates having required qualification and experience for the advertised job. A deadline is set …Read more »

Sample job interview questions

Sample job interview questions One can’t specify sample job interview questions because they may vary from organization to organization and their inclusion in an interview also depends upon the nature of the job. If a job needs high level of behavioral requirements like a marketing job then more and more questions would pertain to previous professional background and overall life of a candidate. Job Interview Guides are helpful to make the job interview preparation in befitting manner. A list of sample job interview questions is nice to grasp the entire possibilities one may face during an interview but one should …Read more »

Professional telephone interview questions

Telephone interview questions can not be predicted in definite terms because for every post these may vary in contents and nature. If such questions are asked to hire a suitable candidate for the post of marketing these questions would be quite different than those of asked to recruit somebody for the post of production manager. But one thing is clear in all types of such questions that you take advantage of hiding your facial expressions while replying on telephone and disadvantage of being unaware of facial expression of your interviewer and would be unable to assess how he or she …Read more »

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