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Communication in conflict resolution

Dialogues must go on; it’s a famous proverb in political world which reflects the importance of communication in conflict resolution. Both at micro and macro level a slighter brawl between two parties can not be finished without communication. In a street if two kids are fighting with each other a mediator has to interfere and make them complain of each other instead of hitting each other and both of them at once resort to shout and then talk and identify the faults of other, this is called the process of communication in a dispute resolution.

Conflict and conflict management

When we talk about conflict and conflict management, it doesn’t mean we are going to explore any rocket science (any complex study). It’s all about our every day life. Almost daily we come across one or the other type of conflict. Moving your office you want to cross the road first and the car coming from your right want to move fast avoiding letting you cross first. Yes this is conflict. What happens in such situations mostly, either you deal it tactfully and allow the car to move first if it is in speed and if someone wiser is driving …Read more »

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