11 rules to spend a successful life

Successful life does not mean a life with lot of money, comforts and luxuries. It simply means a life with least of sorrows, pains, worries and problems. For this you have to manage your life in a way that you never spend more than you have, never expect more than you can achieve and never plan more than you can do. To remain within your limits both financially and emotionally is the best way to spend a successful life.

Never day-dream

The first problem in our life arises when we see dreams that we can never make come true. Such dreams we usually see in day life that is why they are brighter than normal. But their ugly part is that they can never come true because of their enormous loftiness. So see dreams within your range.

Never over-expect

This is the second tip to spend a successful life. Expect within limits. Life is not a thing which we spend in waiting happiness. Grab the joy from whatever you have. It is not a musical instrument that plays music but this is your hearing that declares a sound as music. So make things done from the ones you have and don’t stare at the door for the arrival of any divine gift.

Hope rationally

Hope is life. If you don’t have hope it means you are spending a life without momentum. Keep hopes high but keep them rational as well. If you give exam of graduation what do you hope. You want to pass and want to be called graduate not the post graduate. This is called a rational hope.

See upward for motivation

It is good to see those who are more than you but do it just to get motivation. If you feel frustration it means your way of watching them is not right. So just see them to learn from them how to be successful else you will end with frustration and will not be able to do something.

Look downward for thankfulness

To spend a successful life you should also look at people who are lesser than you in terms of money, success, excellence and beauty. It will create feelings of thankfulness in you which is must to remain happy with whatever you have.

Be envious

Never forget to cast an envious look at those who are more than you. Just see them and make a desire to be like them. Not just the desire but you should make a will to be like them with hard work and consistency. Never think you will like them without doing hard work equal to they did.

Never be jealous

There is little difference between jealousy and envy so understand it. If you want to be like someone successful but without doing anything it means you are just jealous of him. So never let jealousy come near you. It may spoil your personality and you will not be able to spend a successful life.

Never be influenced by wrong

If someone is adopting a wrong way of life and apparently it seems good, you should never be influenced by him. Just think long term impact of such way of living. Instead of short term benefit you should just think about eternal ones. Never be moved by dodgy tricks to spend a successful life. Go for the things that never last.

Stay within limits

This is the golden rule to spend a successful life. Make your life happy with the things you have in your hand and don’t defer your plans expecting something great in future. In this way you will never fall under the load of loans, outstanding payments or unclear credit card dues.

Struggle is fuel for hope

The best way to spend a successful life is to keep struggling. In this way you will never lose hope. Being hopeful you will be happy to be more successful in future. This feeling will keep you happy and joyous.

Be thankful and contented

Your best achievement is whatever you have in your hand. This is the biggest reality which you must admit and remain happy over it. It does not mean you quit struggling. It is your right to expect more but the secret of happiness is in remaining contented in life.

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