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101 Job Tips

 101 tips to get a job

General tips

  1. Stay clear about your objectives to get a job
  2. Remain stick to your short-term and long-term goals of getting a job
  3. Stay optimist because sometimes delay gets you the best job
  4. Don’t trumpet your plans to get a job, just tell the relevant people
  5. Remain smiling to make others believe in you and your caliber
  6. Don’t behave like a geek to impress others
  7. Treat yourself as a common person
  8. Stick to an attitude and crush the arrogance of any type
  9. Don’t act in a way which portrays you negative in job market

10. Remain person of your own words to earn reputation as a committed worker

11. Take care of your fitness both mental and physical

12. Make the punctuality your second nature

13. Remain up-to-date regarding all that is happening around you

14. Remain social and spend time with friends and family

15. Keep revising the main contents of the courses of your latest degree

16. Keep an eye on the professional developments in your field of studies

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Tips to make network

17. Build a broad network both of friends and social media

18. Utilize campus career centers to get updates on new openings

19. Become an expert in social networking and use it more and more

20. Avoid self-centered networking consisting of some close friends and relatives

21. Get to know the top search professionals in your area

22. Join professional and industry organizations.

23. Have informational meetings with people you know in your field

24. Leverage your internship into a full-time position

25. Keep working as free-lance during jobless period

26. Don’t drop the offer of a part-time job for the time being

27. In case of lengthy period of no-job never beg for a job and trust in your luck

28. Never forget to show your interest to get a job before hiring authorities

29. Never miss such gatherings where company bosses may come

30. Keep visiting job announcement sites

31. Get registered in maximum job offering sites

32. Exchange information of job searching sites with friends

33. Don’t rely on websites only, keep reading job announcement sections of newspapers

34. Get information about the companies where you want to get a job

Tips to apply for a job

35. Comprehensive but to the point resume and its drop at the right place at right time

36. Develop a cover letter with resume with contents matching with your qualification and experience

37. Never boast either in resume nor in cover letter

38. Never try to be poetic or extra literary while describing yourself in resume

39. Never narrate a point in resume so shortly or with extra details

40. Never miss any important point about you and your achievements

41. Whether applying online don’t forget to give your postal and residential addresses

42. Take full care of formatting of your resume and cover letter

43. Never commit any mistake of grammar or punctuation

44. Don’t  apply so much fancy formatting on your resume

45. Maintain clarity in your cover letter

46. Keep the record of your every application with proper identification

47. Don’t give references in your resume who don’t know you

48. Nor give references of those persons who may be critical of you

Tips prior to the interview

49. Research companies inside and out before your interview

50. If you know someone who works at a company you are being interviewed with, spend some time with them before you are interviewed but don’t seek any favor

51. Learn as much as you can about the interviewer before the interview and prepare questions before the meeting

52. Take a class—how to interview, how to sell yourself, how to write a winning résumé

53. Practice interviewing, get feedback, and revise your interview strategy.

54. Talk with your favorite professor to get leads and enhance your confidence to communicate

55. Avoid use of verbosity to impress interviewer with your achievements

56. Fully prepare for the interview

57. Avail the facility of mock interview with friends

58. Make all necessary preparations one day before the interview

59. Don’t miss to take most essential items with you for the interview

60. Select the dress for interview according to the season

61. Sleep on time on the eve of the interview

Tips before the interview

62. Never leave the home for interview without taking breakfast

63. Reach the interview place well before time

64. Dress professionally and act professionally. Remember, everything counts!

65. Never be extra social in waiting room of the interview

66. Never try to impress other candidates in waiting lounge of the interview room

67. Don’t ask unnecessary questions to interview attendant

68. Don’t be worry about your turn and trust in the interview management of the company

Tips at the time of the interview

69. Enter the interview room with smiling face

70. Shake hand with all interviewers

71. Your body language must accurately reflect your confidence level

72. Exchange the formal greetings so formally

73. Await the offer of interviewer to sit down and then sit

74. Soon after sitting down again see the interviewers smilingly but don’t pose extra smiling

75. Neither clasp the hands nor let them move unnecessarily

Tips during the interview

76. Be a good listener in job interview. Don’t just talk in the interview

77. Honesty will always be the best policy, never exaggerate about self in resume nor in interview

78. Take support of arguments instead of loud voice or passion in your tone

79. Show documentary evidence of your achievements wherever necessary

80. Don’t expect your interviewer nodding after your each reply

81. Treat the dissent right of your interviewer and assent your strategy to impress them

82. But never assent on any negative charge on you

83. If interviewer tries to irritate you to assess your temperament do understand this trick

84. Don’t invite interviewer to ask you further it may imply you as arrogant

85. Don’t try to win the sympathy or favor of the interviewer

86. Speed of talking must be understandable neither fast nor so slow

87. Help your interviewer conclude the interview by reminding anything most relevant.

88. Come out from interview saying goodbye but don’t show much enthusiasm

89. Ask the interviewer politely about next step, but don’t insist on it

Tips after the interview

90. Send follow-up thank-you note to employer not the interviewer

91. Never flatter anyone you met during the interview

92. But don’t forget to appreciate whatever inspired you at the interview place especially environment and attitude

93. Express high hopes for the positive response but remain rational in expression

94. Thank you note should neither be so long nor so short

95. Don’t use so much salutation in thank you note

It’s not end of the world

96. Don’t attach your entire world with the result of the interview

97. Nor be so desperate to get that job

98. Meanwhile keep searching the other job

99. In case of positive reply from the interview move on for the next step

100. In case of final interview adopt the same process but with more care

101. Good Luck

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