Be a Leader at College



I’m Allison and I am a senior student leader in the University of Pennsylvania. I believe that although it is quite difficult to be a student leader, it also offers tremendous opportunities to learn, work more effectively, innovate, and grow as a person. I aim to elaborate all the advantages of being a true student leader in college and hope to encourage students to become one through my personal blog.

To motivate aspiring student leaders, I explain why being a student leader is the best thing that you can do in college. It is an experience that will help you learn real things and allows you to handle situations that mirror real life outside the campus. You will realize that you do not have the luxury of unbridled procrastination, especially if you want to juggle your academics to keep your grades up, create an impact on campus, get enough sleep every night, and balance your personal life.

You will stop making excuses. You get things done. If there are roadblocks, you will be able to master the art of using your creativity to turn them into opportunities that bring better solutions. You will then begin to view constraints as an immense opportunity to innovate. Becoming a student leader provides you endless possibilities through a lifelong accumulation of advantage that you will find very useful in the future.

It could be a start of a snowball effect of greater opportunities to come, especially when you step into the real world. It provides you a solid training ground to survive, thrive, and be successful. Do not be afraid to grab your chance to create an impact and learn. Just do the very best you can because no one knows what new doorways may open for you. Do not be disheartened. Every great leader was once like you. But to be able to get anywhere, you must begin somewhere.

However, saying yes to become a student leader means saying no to other things. You may have to detach yourself from things that do not add value to your time like college parties every weekend, casual hangouts after school, and other unproductive things that fill up your social calendar. This may seem like a hard pill to swallow at first, but you will realize that you have made the best decision as you reap all the rewards of your sacrifices. So if you think you are born to be a leader, college is the best time to start.